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Research Lab: Wayne State Computer Systems and Deep Learning Lab

Research Profiles and Records:

Research Interests:

  • Computer systems, deep learning, video streaming, multimedia systems, computer networking, computer vision, automated video surveillance, hardware accelerators for AI, spiking neural networks.


  • Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University (current)
  • Director of Wayne State Computer Systems and Deep Learning Research Laboratory.
  • Graduate Program Director of Electrical and Computer Engineering (past)
  • Internationally recognized expert in computer systems, multimedia networking, video streaming, and automated video surveillance.
  • Expert Witness and/or Consulting Expert on numerous patent infringement and other intellectual property and corporate litigation cases related to computer technology, video streaming, multimedia systems, data communication, and computer networking, and computer systems, 2014 - Now.
  • Educational consultant or expert in the reform, review, and/or accreditation of institutions and undergraduate and graduate programs, including electrical and computer engineering, software engineering, computer and network engineering, and electrical engineering, 2015 - 2021.
  • Chair of the Interest Group on Media Streaming of the IEEE Multimedia Technical Committee (past).
  • Co-Director of the IEEE Multimedia Communication Technical Committee Review Board (past).
  • Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.(past).
  • Guest Editor and Reviewer for prestigious journals and magazines.
  • Organizer of numerous international conferences in different capacities (past).
  • Panelist for the National Science Foundation and the National of Health and as a Site Review Panelist for the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (past).
  • Author/co-author of numerous publications in top venues.
  • Primary investigator of multiple research projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Silicon Mechanics, and Sun Microsystems, including being the recipient of two NSF grants as the sole investigator.
  • Inventor of a US Patent on automated video surveillance systems.
  • Advisor of seven completed Ph.D. dissertations and four completed M.S. theses in the areas of computer vision systems, deep learning, video streaming, multimedia, and automated video surveillance.
  • Expert for Specialty Occupation evaluation of numerous H-1B visa cases for positions including Software Engineer, Software Developer, Hadoop Developer, Database Administrator, Project Engineer, and PLM Engineer positions, 2018 - 2020.

Major Research Projects:

  • Areas: AI hardware accelerators, deep learning, neural networks
    • An Energy-Efficient, CMOS-based, and Scalable Mixed-Signal Deep Neural Network System with Reconfigurable Crossbar (NSF Funded)
    • Epileptic seizure prediction
    • Design of analog neural network accelerators
    • Compute-in-time deep neural network accelerators

  • Areas: design of computer vision systems, automated video surveillance, deep learning, PTZ camera control and scheduling
    • Optimized activity detection in videos
    • Design of computer vision systems for optimizing the threat detection accuracy
    • Analytical modeling of deep learning accuracy in computer vision applications
    • Optimal control of PTZ cameras in automated video surveillance systems
    • Towards resource-efficient automated video surveillance systems (NSF Funded)

  • Areas: multimedia systems, multimedia computing and networking, video streaming, video-on-demand
    • Efficient delivery of video-on-demand streams to heterogeneous receivers (NSF Funded)
    • Waiting-time prediction and QoS-based pricing for video streaming with advertisements
    • Waiting-time prediction in scalable on-demand video streaming

  • Areas: High-performance computing
    • Reconfigurable high-performance cluster computing and medical engineering applications (NSF Funded)
    • Sun's center of excellence in open source computing and applications (Industry Funded)


  • Scalable and Secure Internet Services and Architectures: ECE7650, Graduate, WSU
  • Advanced Computer Architecture: ECE 7660, Graduate, WSU
  • Computer Networking: ECE 5650, Graduate, WSU
  • Computer Architecture: ECE 4680, Undergraduate, WSU
  • Special topics on Multimedia: ECE 7995, Graduate, WSU
  • Special topics on Multimedia Networking: ECE 7995: Graduate, WSU
  • Special topics on Multimedia Systems and Networks: ECE 7995: Graduate, WSU
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: ECE 4050/CS 5050, Undergraduate, WSU
  • Microcomputer Systems and Programming: CSE 312, Undergraduate, Penn State
  • Computer Programming for Engineers: CMPSC 201c, Undergraduate, Penn State
  • Introduction to Algorithmic Processes: CMPSC 101, Undergraduate, Penn State

Major Awards/Honors:

  • Induction to the WSU Academy of Teachers in 2022.
  • IEEE SEM Outstanding Professional Award
  • WSU President's Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • WSU College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Multiple service and recognition awards by IEEE SEM
  • Penn State Graduate Student Teaching Award, CSE Dept.
  • Elevation to Senior Member of the IEEE


Dr. Nabil J. Sarhan's CV